Aroma poppers and safety

Aroma poppers are not physically addictive. The effect lasts for less than two minutes, typically, just long enough to facilitate penetration or terminate in ejaculation, and the chemical dissembles in the blood stream too quickly thereafter to physically addict.

Poppers are about as safe as a substance can get. A ranking study of recreational drugs for harmfulness, ordered by the British government and reported by The Independent newspaper in 2006, concluded that "poppers pose little harm to individuals or to society". According to another study published in The Lancet a year later (2007), poppers ranked 19th out of 20 for dependency risk and "physical harm" (alcohol came 10th and marijuana 11th).

As with the use of other recreational substances, when it comes to aroma poppers, moral issues can overshadow good medicine. The "Just Say No" crowd views poppers as a menace. But Dr. Andrew Weil, author of From Chocolate to Morphine, calls amyl nitrate "one of the safest drugs in medicine." Weil, whose approach to drug use centers on harm reduction rather than outright prohibition, explains that "when inhaled, amyl nitrate breaks down quickly and leaves the body easily."

Safe or not, overuse of aroma poppers can make you feel like hell, producing headaches, dizziness, and a sort of crappiness all over. If you start feeling that way, put the little bottle away, open the windows wide, and take a deep breath. And remember, no matter how disorienting an aroma poppers rush may be, it only lasts a few minutes.

See also: Liquid aroma warnings

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