Poppers? What are they?

Poppers is the term for the group of chemicals known as alkyl nitrates that include amyl nitrate, butyl nitrate and isobutyl nitrate. Poppers come as a clear or straw-coloured liquid in a small bottle or tube. The vapour is inhaled through the mouth or nose.
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Amyl, butyl, hardware, liquid gold, locker room, poppers, ram, rock hard, rush, snapper, stag, stud, thrust, TNT Amyl, butyl and isobutyl nitrate (collectively known as alkyl nitrates) are clear, yellow liquids which are inhaled for their intoxicating effects.
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The term "poppers" came from the small glass capsules in which the liquids were first available. These made a popping noise when broken open to release the contents. Poppers for recreational use now come in little bottles with screw or plug tops.
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See also: Amyl nitrate and other poppers

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