Sex and poppers

Poppers can make mediocre sex good, and good sex spectacular. Instead of being "me having sex," I become sex itself, and the experience can be overwhelming.

If you're snorting poppers while having sex, there's a chance that the heady, sex-beast rush may make you lead you to risky sex - so slap on a condom before you break out the amyl.

Poppers can give you the ultimate orgasm. Shooting off to the stars for a serene moment or two. In one beautiful word: vasodilation. In approximately two to three minute durations.

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever know? Not with poppers! You and poppers, and some great porn, are the perfect combination for the safest sex possible! You'll get some of the best orgasms ever with a good video or magazine and a bottle of Rush in your hand.

As far as sex is concerned, poppers usage can be divided into two areas: foreplay and penetration-orgasm. In foreplay, the nitrites have a disinhibiting effect, enabling the user to experience total skin-surface sensuality. Poppers are reported by many women to be useful for a chief female sexual dysfunction -- distraction -- in which peripheral thoughts of unfinished business, child care and day-to-day domestic annoyances block the abandonment to sensation, vital for a full sexual experience.

Penetration may be facilitated by enhanced perception of both being filled and being grasped; anal penetration becomes easier, probably from a combination of muscular relaxation and decreased pain perception.

When poppers are inhaled shortly before orgasm, the user may experience a sense of exhilaration and acceleration, a freeing of inhibition of movement and vocalization, and perception of orgasm as prolonged, intense and exalted. The mind's eye may be filled with rapidly changing patterns of color and shape, often containing symbolic representations of the sexual moment.

Sniffing poppers during sex can make orgasms feel like they last longer. And some people say it makes their sexual organs feel massive. Poppers are usually sniffed straight from the bottle and deliver a short, sharp rush. Poppers are sold in sex shops, clubs and gay bars.

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