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Rush Poppers
Rush • 10cc bottle
€ 8.45
£ 7.45
$ 10.95
Rush to get the world's favourite poppers brand at an unbeatable price! We've got the genuine, export-strength Rush formula. It sure does the job!

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Rush Ultra Poppers
Rush Ultra • 10cc bottle
€ 14.45
£ 12.45
$ 16.45
Real Rush is back! You kept asking, so here you have it: Rush Ultra Strong - the original-strength Rush formula! Compared to the weaker modern-day formulas, this baby again packs as much power as Rush did when it was first created: 2x stronger than our regular "export-strength" Rush, and over 3x more than Rush "USA formula".  Warning: May prove too intense for some.

Order bottles of Rush Ultra.

Hardware Poppers
Hardware • 10cc bottle
€ 9.95
£ 8.45
$ 12.45
Hardware is packed full of raw power and strength. Intense, fast-acting, long-lasting aroma. This one sure is hard & heavy, so if that's how you like it, Hardware is the right popper for you!

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Ram Poppers
Ram • 10cc bottle
€ 8.45
£ 7.45
$ 10.95
Ram is the horny green beast from PWD's stable of bestselling aromas. An effective but finer aroma (not as "raw" as Hardware), Ram, together with Rush and Jungle Juice, is a good choice if you are new to poppers.

Order bottles of Ram.

Jungle Juice Poppers
Jungle Juice • 10cc bottle
€ 11.45
£ 9.95
$ 14.45
No.1 This export-strength amyl juice is our biggest seller. Jungle Juice delivers a "totally overwhelming and incredibly powerful experience," as one fan put it. We agree. Get ready for a wild experience with plenty of juice - everytime!

Order bottles of Jungle Juice.

Jungle Juice Platinum Poppers
Jungle Juice Platinum • 10cc bottle
€ 14.45
£ 12.45
$ 16.45
The "Platinum" Jungle Juice truly is a very unique product. Specially strained on an activated charcoal filter and double-distilled, this juice delivers even more purity and strength!

Order bottles of Jungle Juice Platinum.

Blue Boy Poppers
Blue Boy • 10cc bottle
€ 11.45
£ 9.95
$ 14.45
Hot! This bottle of Blue Boy poppers is a European bestseller. Czech, Dutch or Danish - boys will be boys... So go for the boy's choice to get that especially smooth, gradually-intensifying experience that ends in an amazingly pleasurable climax.

Order bottles of Blue Boy.

Amsterdam Poppers
Amsterdam • 10cc bottle
€ 11.45
£ 9.95
$ 14.45
Amsterdam is a formula for Europe's pleasure capital. Fresh and fun, and mellow yet powerful, this is the bestseller in Europe's trendiest clubs. So join the party... It gets better with Amsterdam poppers!

Order bottles of Amsterdam.

Man Scent Poppers
Man Scent • 10cc bottle
€ 11.45
£ 9.95
$ 14.45
The original playboy's favourite from Manscent International, this is the liquid incense that simply delivers just what you would expect from a good bottle of poppers. A stickier, heavier scent compared to Blue Boy or Amsterdam.

Order bottles of Man Scent.

Iron Horse Poppers
Iron Horse • 10cc bottle
€ 12.75
£ 10.95
$ 15.95
Named "Horsepower for leather" by PWD, its makers, a bottle of Iron Horse poppers indeed is every leather man's preferred choice. No wonder - this horse is all about heavy power! So if you play the leather game, Iron Horse is the one to go for.

Order bottles of Iron Horse.

Taiwan Blue Poppers
Taiwan Blue • Larger 15cc bottle
€ 12.75
£ 10.95
$ 15.95
Exclusive Blue Taiwan poppers - previously out of reach but now ready to deliver pure, cool pleasure! And Taiwan Blue really is all about purity - very clean, fresh aroma, packed in a stylish blue bottle.

Order bottles of Taiwan Blue.

Eagle Poppers
Eagle • 10cc bottle
€ 9.95
£ 8.45
$ 12.45
Often voted top for potency and shelf life, this classic San Francisco popper has a respectable following. Some swear a bottle of Eagle packs more than twice the power of PWD's Rush. A fairly thick, heavy scent compared to most.

Order bottles of Eagle.

Brown Bottle Poppers
Brown Bottle • 10cc bottle
€ 6.95
£ 5.95
$ 9.45
Brown bottle is just that: no label, just a discreet brown bottle filled with liquid that's guaranteed to deliver a powerful rush everytime. A quality, potent aroma at a price that's hard to beat!

Order bottles of Brown Bottle.

Rochefort Poppers
Rochefort • 10cc bottle
€ 11.45
£ 9.95
$ 14.45
Rochefort is a Canadian institution from the cool 70's. Due to popular demand, this original formula is back again - and it sure delivers, we are happy to say. A little unusual aroma but definitely a very (very!) intense effect.

Order bottles of Rochefort.

Pop'rs Poppers
Pop'rs • 10cc bottle
€ 5.45
£ 3.25
$ 7.95
Popr's, popper, poppers - call it what you like, but Popr's is where it all began. The original aroma at a price that's hard to beat!

Sorry, Pop'rs is temporarily out of stock !

You can buy again in 2-3 weeks.

Bolt Poppers
Bolt • 10cc bottle
€ 7.95
£ 4.75
$ 10.95
Bolt upright and to attention - this cousin of Rush takes control and demands respect. Harder, hotter, longer!

Sorry, Bolt is temporarily out of stock !

You can buy again in 2-3 weeks.

Locker Room Poppers
Locker Room • 10cc bottle
€ 8.95
£ 5.25
$ 11.95
New! This 1969 classic has just been relaunched by PWD. We do like Locker Room a lot!

Sorry, Locker Room is temporarily out of stock !

You can buy again in 2-3 weeks.

Liquid Aroma Poppers
Liquid Aroma • 10cc bottle
€ 6.45
£ 3.75
$ 8.95
Just unscrew and release - this is the classic aroma that's proven to satisfy every time!

Sorry, Liquid Aroma is temporarily out of stock !

You can buy again in 2-3 weeks.


€ 0.00
£ 0.00
$ 0.00

Sorry, Quicksilver is temporarily out of stock !

You can buy again in 2-3 weeks.
Tip » Try Rave instead!

Rave Poppers
Rave • 10cc bottle
€ 9.95
£ 8.45
$ 12.45
New! Cool Rave is the British popper sensation that's taking the market by storm - and many swear it really does feel like a party in a bottle! Very modern, fresh and intense aroma. We like it!

Order bottles of Rave.

Reds Poppers
Reds • 10cc bottle
€ 9.45
£ 7.95
$ 11.95
New! In its native England, many just say "Reds" when they mean poppers. Need we say more? Reds, the UK's premier brand. Finally available in America and across the globe.

Order bottles of Reds.

Nitro Poppers
Nitro • 10cc bottle
€ 11.45
£ 9.95
$ 14.45
Nitro is another liquid aroma that packs all the power you would expect from a quality bottle of poppers. Expect an explosive release with the super-strength Nitro Supra!

Order bottles of Nitro.

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